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Ritningar och dokumentationer
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Vi ser fram emo[more ...]
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25 Nov : 21:37

Re: Stridsvagn 103 försök i Tyskland 1973
2014-08-19 Uppd[more ...]
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19 Aug : 12:50

Artikel TIFF historien strv 103
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07 Nov : 13:04

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Great pictures.[more ...]
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According to th[more ...]
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30 Oct : 22:43

Re: Swim Skirt
According to th[more ...]
Posted by Webmaster
30 Oct : 19:01

Welcome to The S tank association.

The association is working to maintain the S-tank as an integrated part of the swedish defence and industrial legacy and as the unique part that this tank pose to Sweden.
The association is run by volunteering efforts to collect all the information available on the tanks and make it available on a single location. It also includes the association's collaboration with other military associations and museum. The core of the assiciation consists of old officers, engineers and scientists with links to the s-tank.
The association also has access to tanks in running status.

As members we welcome all of you! If you want to contribute with materials, photographs, knowledge or perhaps only with no history, it is even better. Everything is valuable. Or just come along!

Support and membership
This page allows almost all the material to be read by everyone. If you want to upload material or otherwise contribute to the association, you need to sign up. To do so, click on "sign-up." For it to work, you need a valid email address. How you do to become a full association member, you can read under the link "styrelsen" (Board of Directors) FAQ, or download a PDF document that describes this. As an association member, you will have access to considerably more material, the association's benefits and events and more. One year full membership has a fee of 100SEK, webmembership is of course free. if you have any questions dont hesitate to contact us, preferable via email.

Downloads and uploads
Digital materials, you can upload on the page and publish after you sign up, however, we want to remind you that the material must be legal and not offend. The association takes the right to remove materials that are not considered consistent with the association S tank.