Welcome to The S tank association.

The Association S tank was formed at a constituent meeting on Örnhult 2002-09-12. The Association is an independent interest group whose members act to retain the knowledge, documentation and history of the Main battle tank S (Strv103) as an essential part of Swedish defense history.

Our mission
- Documenting the Main battle tank S from start to decommissioning and maintains Main battle tank S as an essential part of Swedish defense history.
- Spreading information about Main battle tank S, conducting study visits to units, factories and museums.

We welcome you as a member if this interests you! When you want to become a member of the association, and in this way contribute to maintaining the memory and knowledge of our Swedish Main battle tank S (103), you apply by inserting annual fee of SEK 150 on PlusGiro 39 55 38-2 or pay directly to someone of the Board members.

Do not forget to state your name, address, email and telephone number on the counterfoil

Support and membership
This page allows almost all the material to be read by everyone. If you want to upload material or otherwise contribute to the association, you need to sign up. To do so, click on "sign-up." For it to work, you need a valid email address. How you do to become a full association member, you can read under the link "styrelsen" (Board of Directors) FAQ, or download a PDF document that describes this. As an association member, you will have access to considerably more material, the association's benefits and events and more. One year full membership has a fee of 150SEK, webmembership is of course free. if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us, preferable via email.

Downloads and uploads
Digital materials, you can upload on the page and publish after you sign up, however, we want to remind you that the material must be legal and not offend. The association takes the right to remove materials that are not considered consistent with the association S tank.